The Lord and Lady of Nature

The Lord and Lady of Nature

A gentle voice calls unto me
His presence lingers near
Shadows cast upon the ground
I have nothing to fear

I wear a cloak and close the door
Barefeet drenched in warm dew
The jackdaw calls a faint goodnight
With magic, I’m imbued

Stepping through the autumn leaves
The starry skies shine bright
His presence lingers ever near
My heart warms with delight

Upon the brook, the moon doth shine
A gentle glowing sphere
I radiate my energy
He senses I am near

And as I seek a quiet place
To purify my soul
I sit amongst the evergreens
My friend, the earth below

A canopy of leaves shall be
My blanket for the night
I slowly take away my cloak
A song I shall indite

The sound of nature gently fades
My soul connects to him
The woods, they watch us in the dark
As he invokes my limbs

As I surrender unto him
My senses set on fire
He is me and I am him
A mutual desire

I clutch onto the forest floor
As he is then consumed
My king enraptures all of me
Our souls fully attuned

As I then open up my eyes
All woodland sounds return
Breathless, I am helpless
My king leaves me to yearn

The owls, they hoot their happiness
The foxes call approval
For I am now the Oak King’s wife
In our eternal union

I tiptoe home out of the trees
I leave the untamed wild
Everywhere he lingers now
In me, I hold his child

Nature’s offspring shall be born
From stars that shine above
In us, we hold the universe
With stardust and with love

~ A.D © 2015


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