Song of the Forest

Song of the Forest

Tip toe, tip toe, be careful where you step
Dodging little toadstools, their shiny roofs of red
I creep about the forest, to unearth its mysteries
I listen very carefully, to whispers on a breeze

Deep deep woodland, with your magical presence
Admiring wildflowers, their captivating essence
Dark mysterious forest, you have a tale to sing
Of dragonflies and foxglove hats, and tiny fairy rings

Ancient stones and winding paths, your wise and worthy trees
Here is where I long to roam, nature calls to me
I knock upon a fairy door and stand in pure delight
Whilst fireflies swoop past my ears, exuding pretty lights

Wildlife lingers everywhere, all eyes are fixed on me
A canopy of emerald leaves is magical to see
I place my hands upon the bark of tallest redwood trees
They hold a wisdom in their bark, they ooze an energy

I sit upon a mighty trunk of fallen solid oak
My soul is wrapped in magic, like the hood upon a cloak
I long to stay and soak up all the beauty of the trees
My mind could dream for hours, as I rest here merrily

Solitude is blissful, when amongst the realm of green
See the beauty, soak it up and sense all things unseen
All roamers of the forest are indeed, a privileged few
Nature only calls to those, who live with deep virtue

~ The Writer of the Woods (A.D) © 2015

Picture Credit – FairyMMystical/Tumblr


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