Be Who You Were Born to be

Be Who You Were Born to be

Follow your soul to the places that fill your heart with happiness.
See the trees.
Step barefoot upon dew-soaked grass.
Breathe in the autumn air.
Laugh often.
Stop to smell the roses.
Be gentle to all creatures.
Dance wildly beneath the moon.
Live hard.
Live fast.
Live with fierce passion.
Above all, trust your instincts.
Embrace your identity.
Love the craft you are discovering.
Confront your hidden fears.
Believe in magick and wish upon a thousand glistening stars.
Live by peaceful example.
Draw out your curiosity and dare to chase your wildest dreams.
Read a wealth of fairy tales.
Never lose your innocence.
Always stand up for what you believe in.
Grasp every ounce of your life and immerse yourself within it.
And finally…

Be the beautiful soul you were born to be.

~ Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved © 2015


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