My Dearest Mellow Autumn

My Dearest Mellow Autumn

Photo credit: ™ Pacheco / Foter / CC BY-ND


As I gaze through my window pane
I hear a melancholy bird composition
Leaves rustle in the autumn breeze
Exhibiting an array of fire colours
The air fills up with a dense fog
And a suspect mystery
I gently sip my cup of tea
And pull a blanket over me
The seasons will ever change
And I will ever relish their radiant pleasures
The smell of a burning hearth establishes a nostalgia
Cinnamon sticks and pumpkins are the seasons theme
Magic conjures up an exhilaration of haunted fun
Ebony hats, broomsticks and a ghostly presence
The bird feeder sits half plenary
Long, thick blades of hefty grass adorn the earth
And suffocate the garden features
Giving Crane flies a hidden abode
Webs full of shimmering snow globes
Hang off the emerald evergreens
This autumn day brings comfort
To my mellow soul
Pulling tight my warm and woollen cloak
I sip my sultry tea and look upon this season with great fondness
The world is decelerating
Relishing her rightful respite

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2014


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