To Thine Own Self, Be True!

To Thine Own Self, Be True!

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~To Thine Own Self, Be True~

Kinsmen, hear my raging voice!
The time has come to make a choice
See this, our world, now feel her pain
As man treats her with cheap disdain
Stand fast my tribe! We must stand strong
And witness evil doing wrong
We must act now, we cannot wait
To change our world’s abysmal fate
Now clear your throats and stand up tall
Board steady boats, climb solid walls
Take to the fields, stretch far and wide
Leave excess greed, draw out your pride
Shout from the roofs, commence, henceforth
Shield Mother Earth, stand fast, come forth!
Take on the role, address your souls
My Celtic clans, join me, enroll
We must break through and take a stand
Defend this home, our motherland
Give her a chance to breathe and live
Shield her with all we have to give
Kinsmen, to thine own self, be true!
Be humble in all that you do
Defend her fields, her trees, her skies
Don’t live in vain or question why
Hear this, my plea, we shall not fall
Fight for our earth, for one and all!

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2015, All rights reserved.


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