As the Dust Settles…

As the Dust Settles…

I went away today
And as the dust settles, please know this
I do not walk in body, but in soul
‘We’ never changed
I left with you an abundance of memories and the fondest of my smiles
I still lovingly wrap my arms around you, as you gently fall asleep
And as you wash the dishes, my hands envelope your body
As I try to pull you closer to my lingering soul
To wash away your mellow tears
The parting of us is not the end of us
That, I could never allow
For as long as you exist, I exist
You carry my soul within you and I live in your precious memories
Look around you
The room may stand in silence
The sounds of us may have vanished and all that remains is the sound of time
But know this…I am with you
I still gaze into your starry eyes to whisper that I love you
I am here, as you go about your day
Eternally loving you
As we exist in separate realms, our connection is potent
Our love flows far and wide
When you lie in bed at night, gazing at my bedside, I shall lie with you and watch you fall asleep
Whenever you rest, I guard your soul
Our love remains unhindered
Please don’t close the door of your mind on me
Don’t walk within the shadows whilst I’m with you
Know that we are inseparable and that our bond is not defeated
I went away today
But we never parted
Don’t change your ways for me
Don’t sink into a pit of despair
Don’t punish your heart for missing me
I am here, waiting for you…always
You carry my heart as I wait for you
And like a river flowing into the sea, our love is a cycle unbroken
So go now, pack away your mourning clothes
Let light shine into your soul
Sing your happy songs
Decorate our home with memories
But most importantly, live wildly, my love
Live for the both of us
Show me your best kind of happiness and make me proud to love you
Then, in the deepest silence of your solitude, light a candle for me, for I am here with you
The day we fell in love, was the day loves flames consumed us
That day, we made a pledge to the universe
That we would separate for no man and no force
I went away today
But I’m still with you
Like the moon, sun and stars
My love for you lives on

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood


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