Spirit of the Woods

Spirit of the Woods


My eyes
My melancholy eyes
I cannot stop these eyes from dreaming
Longing to soak up every drop of vibrant glory
Beauty lingers everywhere
Yet, I cannot see it

In my dreams, I hop across the stepping stones
Where rivers flow far and wide
The sounds of life tickle my ears
Like gentle bells ringing
Proclaiming my freedom

There is my kingdom
My world
My home

Oh dear sweet and tragic world
Let me run to my sweet domain
Surrounded by the gentle deer
And fairy folk

Let me climb the tallest of tree men
To watch the moon rise high into the sky
Oh, let it be my destiny
My dear enchanted realm

Let me leap out of life’s mockery
Where my eyes are punished no longer
And if this here be my only life
Let it be within the forest
Where I am reborn
A spirit of the woods
And the master of my realm

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood

(Photo credit: Fairy girl, found on nenufarblanco.etsy.com)


2 thoughts on “Spirit of the Woods

  1. and again, you have a beautiful way of putting words together.
    “Let me leap out of life’s mockery
    Where my eyes are punished no longer”
    This entire poem is how I’m currently feeling about life but these two lines say it all for me.

    Liked by 1 person

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