Dance of the Divine

Dance of the Divine

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Remove your shoes and stand in silence
Hush all sounds and feel the quiet
Raise your hands up to the sun
Close your eyes and breathe 
a hum

Feel the peace flow through your veins
Sense her spirit, hear her name
Bow your body to the ground
Whisper out a grateful sound

Raise your spirit to the moon
reconnect to feel attuned
Breathing in and breathing out
purest magick spreads throughout

Stretch your body to the east
Thank her for a worthy feast
Repeat your sequence to the west
Sense her presence, feel possessed

Incantations fill your soul
Energy then starts to flow
Twisting turning as you dance
Dip into a fragile trance

You are born of the divine
your body is a holy shrine
Embrace the beauty of your soul
Let her magick make you whole

Child of sunlight, moon, and stars
a worthy carrier of your scars
Feel the love that she imparts
Existing in your beating heart

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood



6 thoughts on “Dance of the Divine

  1. This – has moved me – touched a place deep within my essence – waiting for soothing words of comfort and serenity – there can be connection. And so it is I pray ….

    The flow of this piece moves with grace in a dance as natural and as old as time.



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