Forest Dweller

Forest Dweller


I stood in the woods
In the deepest of silence
I watched as the dusk set in
I breathed in the essence of life’s sweet beauty
I witnessed its heart beating

I opened my eyes to its greenest delights
I touched the magic of nature
Here lives my kingdom, my joy and my heaven
There’s nothing on earth much greater

All of my days have been filled with strife
I have cried many tears of despair
I have always been soothed by the fae of the forest
Their souls, I shall never forswear

A walk through the woods fills my spirit with pain
As I know, I must leave here unwillingly
Oh, let me return to the forest I love
Where my soul and the trees share affinity

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood



4 thoughts on “Forest Dweller

  1. This speaks from an emotional truth of longing for “home” where all is sacred and blessed and one feels in one’s rightful place. Simply eloquent and beautiful.

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