Dearest Mother

Dearest Mother


Dearest Mother,

You brought my beating heart into your world,
surrounded by the brightness of your light.
When I was thirsty, you allowed me to drink from purest fountains,
when I was hungry, you fed me with your copious delights.

As I grew, you sheltered me away from vicious storms
and watched me as I slept beneath your stars.
And then the rain fell, but sometimes, you posted me a rainbow,
leading me to view your presence from afar.

Now that I’m older, I’ve climbed up to the peaks of your steep mountains,
to chase the great magnificence of you.
Whilst on my travels, I’ve met with the wildest of your beauty
and I smiled as I unearthed nature’s debut.

As I lie here, dreaming of my final destination,
I endeavour to see your beauty in my mind.
But then I realise, one day, I will be back within your arms,
as I drift into the fate of all mankind.

Dearest mother,

I have loved every rose and every thorn,
I’ve been drunk on nature’s love since I was a child.
But now I’m broken and pray you take me in your loving arms,
where I may rest until I choose to be reborn.

(Image: Highlands by TJ Drysdale on 500px)


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