Thick mist rolled in
And with it, Samhain came
Leaves adorned their coloured coats
Like glowing candle flames

The Hunter’s moon high in the sky
Emits a hazy glow
The atmosphere is haunted
And the temperature is low

Owls hoot in the darkness
As a gale sweeps through the trees
A wealth of magick lingers here
Along with sorcery

The cruelty of the season
Arouses fear and dread
Churchyards ooze a presence
Of sad souls among the dead

Skies of gloom and nightmares
Turn the atmosphere so grey
Gentle buzzards grace the dawn
Whilst jackdaws close the day

Deep-rooted souls love Samhain
With all its dark delights
Along with its pure magick
It entails bewitching frights

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

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