To Define a Witch…

To Define a Witch…



A witch is not made with certification or confirmation
She is born a witch
She is born of gallantry and good will
She is born with magick that she must unearth
She is born eager and wanting to learn from her forebears
She is born with a yearning to connect with nature
She delivers knowledge to fellow witches
She weaves webs of purest honesty
She endeavours to heal the forlorn
She burns the corrupt with words of peace
She draws inwards the power of the universe
She walks with wolves who would sooner banish her
She accepts diversity yet fights for equality
She implores no fame
She requests no fortune
She seeks to awaken the sleeping
She is a priestess
She is a sister
She is a mother
She is a child
She is the unknown
Yet she exists

She is silent yet as fierce as the lion
She is peaceful yet wields the fire of dragons
She is meek yet as mighty as a warrior

She survives
She is awake
She is alive
She is ready
☽ ● ☾

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved


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