The Divine

The Divine

Photo Credit: Shade by Eilidh

I am a desperate shriek within a blustering gale.
I am the presence on a lonesome country trail.
I am a crystal light beam piercing through the trees.
I am a quiet whisper floating on a breeze.

I am the cause of shadows cast upon a wall.
I am the startling cry within a raven’s call.
I am the dazzling stars scattered in the sky.
I am the burst of life within a baby’s cry.

I am the bell that tolls to sound a loved one’s death.
I am the frosty mists of ice cold winter’s breath.
I am the first to rise and the last to sleep.
I am the harvests of the earth that you may reap.

I am your comfort when you have no other friend.
I am your sorrow when true love comes to an end.
I am the deity you worship at the shrine.
I am the God and Goddess.
I am The Divine.

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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