From Darkness Comes Light

From Darkness Comes Light

The autumn air is laced with the scent of rich undergrowth. The smell of life exudes from the soil, reminding me that death is by no means the end. Fire coloured leaves abandon the trees, changing the ambience and drawing in a sense of desertion.

Ghostly mists cloak the land, creating a deep sense of mystery. My admiration for autumn is immense, it captivates me and stirs up my wild imagination. It entices me to honour the dark side of my soul, the side that harbours fantasy, mystery, intense feelings and wild passions.

Autumn is the grande finale of my year, the final curtain call and end of summer’s carnival of farewells.

It is time to prepare for winter, to locate our treasured books for use in spell work and to consider the possibility of new endeavours.

We harness the power of the new moon and question what it is we are looking for. We evaluate our circumstances and seek to put right the flaws in our lives.

It is time to count our blessings and to remind ourselves that our beloved lives are like the fine thread of a spider’s web, with one small gust of wind, we may be torn, broken, or we may even disappear.

It is crucial to remember to drink from the fountains of life and to live merrily, gently and peacefully.
It is essential we don’t shackle ourselves to the rush of life, where we often love things instead of people.
It is important to rekindle a love affair with the great outdoors, where Mother Nature honours us with the glory of her harvests.
It is imperative to allow ourselves the lives we dreamt of as children.
Lives where magick exists and lies within us.
Lives of honesty, possibilities, hopes, dreams and wishes.
Lives that one day we may declare we truly lived with all our might.

This season, we endeavour to recognise beauty in the darkest of places. We honour the light and the darkness of our souls.
Where out of the darkness, stars are born to shine.

♡ ☽✪☾ ♡

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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