The Path of Shame

The Path of Shame


Of all life’s governed holy paths
She chased the blustering wind
With disgrace in her tear-stained eyes
She held a thousand sins

A burden gripped her humble soul
Unworthy naive child
Kneeling down before her judge
Her innocence defiled

With all the shame of history
The call she deafened out
Whilst struggling to hide her pain
She felt ferocious doubt

Her life became a written rule
Displaced with curiosity
For many sleepless nights she cried
Whilst feeling helpless pity

One night, beneath the pale full moon
Her soul was drawn to see
The magnanimous universe
Life’s finest mystery

From that day forth, she sensed the call
Her path she re-discovered
The calling of the wild she heard
Her faith she then recovered

For those who walk the path of shame
Will later break its chains
Setting free their broken hearts
And shaking off all blame

The sun shall set ablaze their hearts
The wind shall lead the way
The moon shall guard their souls at night
And peace shall fill their days

No child is born of sin or blame
No child should feel unloved
For we are children of the wild
All born to send forth love


~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood. All rights reserved.


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