The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

I lay my hand upon my heart
And know that I am true
I walk a trail of history
With nature, I’m imbued

My light shines golden ‘neath the moon
Where magick stirs my soul
I close my eyes and sing to her
She is my rock and roll

Barefoot, skipping through the fields
A child of moon and sun
Effortlessly, beaming love
I seek to harm no one

Grace and beauty paint my path
I revel in my learning
Healing hearts and blessing souls
Old wisdom aids my journey

I call upon the souls of those
Unclear of who they are
Look to nature for your cue
She whispers from afar

Every day, as I arise
I whisper that I’m blessed
The power of the universe
Is with me on my quest

Peacefully, I meekly live
Whilst sensing many others
Joined in person and in path
My sisters and my brothers

Inter-weaved with grace and love
I banish wicked darkness
Beaming light unto the earth
I seek to heal the heartless

Merrymakers, we shall roam
Our love displayed in actions
Guardians of Mother Earth
The law of all attraction

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood. All rights reserved.


(Photography is the property of Emily Soto –


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