Release the Dragons

Release the Dragons


I call upon the old souls and the peacemakers.
The time has come to strip ourselves of finery.
To let loose our hair and to embrace raw beauty.
May elation beam from our hearts unto this wounded world.
May there be love.
Profound and immortal love.
May we drink generously from the fountains of friendship.
And endeavour to heal the forlorn.

Now is the time to forget what doesn’t matter.
To muster courage and form an opposition against all who seek to hurt humanity.
Now is the time to abolish all evil.
May it melt beneath our waves of love and light.

I call upon the purest of hearts.
To pour grace upon the waves of life itself.
Let us leave no stone unturned.
And let no man deny us.

For we are the mighty ones.
The healers.
The tenacious.
The wise ones.
The magic weavers and the merrymakers.

May peace reign upon us all.
May we pledge allegiance to Mother Nature and to all of mankind.
May we endeavour to salvage what remains of our beloved home.
And of ourselves.
May we continue to hold hope.

A monstrous storm is brewing.
Of this, I am sure.
And when it comes… we shall greet it with dragons!

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood. All rights reserved.

(Digital Art by SanguisGelidus)



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