Gaia’s Alliance

Gaia’s Alliance


He stole her subtle beauty
And fragments of her charm
He ripped her up and threw her down
With unrelenting harm

He boozed on pools of Gaia
Thus drained them all of life
Her crystal waters disappeared
Her veins would pay the price

He plunged his sword into her womb
Releasing her wild essence
Quaking at the knees, she cried
Demanding convalescence

Damaged but not conquered
She lives to rise again
Thrusting storms that batter all
Who breathe the greed of men

Her power shines almighty
She is the sovereign born
For we, who fail to honour her
Shall suffer raging scorn

Suffer no more, Mother Earth
Alliance we shall plan
No more shall man deplete you
As we guard your treasured lands

☽ ● ☾

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Photo credit: Lars van de


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