Allegiance to the Craft

Allegiance to the Craft


The sky bleeds colours of midnight blue and the air is laced with magick.
A fire has been lit and it burns brightly.
For tonight, I pledge my allegiance to the craft…

With cloak upon my back
And solid oak within my grasp
I sing to thee, dear Mother
My devotion to the craft

I whisper you my promise
I sing to you my prayers
For you, my ancient Mother
Shall hear the oath I swear

Blessed be my timeless path
Of which I learn to follow
May peace greet me at ever turn
May joy drown out my sorrow

Kneeling down upon the ground
I bow to you, dear Mother
Whispering my promises
I pledge to thee my honour

Candle flames indite deep peace
The music lifts my spirit
Essences empower me
My oath shall be implicit

The beat of drums shall grace my feet
As I take to the floor
Tonight, I shall proclaim my faith
Dear mother, I implore

The moon and sun shall recognise
A guardian of Gaia
Connected deep in unity
Dear Mother, hear my prayer

My fantasies of younger years
I learn to let them go
Wisdom I shall bring to thee
Awareness I will show

A sacred path I learn to grace
With dignity and kindness
I honour my brave womanhood
And revel in my wildness

I, the witch of present time
The keeper of old knowledge
Call upon those of the craft
To you, I pay my homage

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood. All rights reserved.


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