Stir to Life

Stir to Life


Stir to life,
My sisters
Soar high into the night
Fly amongst those galaxies
Drink up your heart’s delight

Burst into bloom,
My wild one
Stretch out your limbs and dance
Expand your newfound energy
Seek wisdom in your trance

Oh, magick weaver
It’s time to rise and shine
With knowledge of the ancients
Your soul shall be aligned

Wake up,
My fellow moon child
Stand up and shake it loose
Let go of all your wildest fears
You have nothing to lose

Join hands with me,
Exude your harmony
The universe lives in you
Shine on, for all to see

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Image credit: Winter Queen by ViCOOLya & SAIDA on 500px)


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