Roots of Beauty

Roots of Beauty


Do not eradicate my boughs
Please leave my roots alone
Do not destroy my beauty
And all the life I own

Don’t end my living spirit
Don’t burn my thriving branch
Oh, let me look upon the stars
Allow me one last chance

When I was once a small child
I wanted to be tall
I suffered every season
Alone in every fall

I gazed upon wild daffodils
And sparrows in my crown
I danced in mellow moonbeams
And never once did frown

What have I done to hurt man?
I offer him fresh air
I beg you, please protect me
Give me your love and care

I’ll offer all I have to give
Regardless of my fate
I call upon you, dearest friends
I stand alone in wait

Choose life for me, dear guardians
Wake up! And hear my cries
Disregard your solid axe
Or one day, we shall die

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


(Images: Fog thru Seasons by Evgeniy Malykhanov)



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