A Pocket Full of Dreams

A Pocket Full of Dreams


I yearn for warmth upon my skin
The sun to melt the freeze
To roam through country meadows
Listening to a gentle breeze

I long to hear wild birds sing of
Their love for bluest skies
To listen to a waterfall
As buzzards softly cry

I crave the green of woodlands
And their deep serenity
To walk barefoot upon the land
Where no man dares judge me

For all my life I’ve kept a dream
That helps me carry on
To be returned to nature
Where my soul truly belongs

Until that day, my saddened soul
Shall seek to live its dream
To see the earth’s fine beauty
From within a sombre scene

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photo: Redwood Princess by Deb Harder – 500px.com/harderjah)


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