Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun



Here comes the sun
Rising over mountains
Bringing us another day of glory

He’ll shimmer over tree tops
And glisten through the meadows
Whispering his own immortal story

Here comes the sun
That smile of every summer
Chasing shadows off
From every patch upon my wall

He’ll plant a million kisses
Upon petals of wildflowers
And sing as every daisy
Opens up to greet his call

Here comes the sun
That sparkle of the forest
Those crystal light beams
Bringing with them glory to the earth

He’ll rise on solstice morning
To a welcoming of heroes
That celebrate his presence
Like a newborn baby’s birth

Here comes the sun
It’s time to start the drumming
So dance about the fires
And celebrate his birth

We’ll smile with deep affection
As we sing our finest welcome
Wishing all a Blessed Yule
Upon the earth

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.




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