Precious Realms of Evergreen

Precious Realms of Evergreen


They know me there…
Within the realms of green
Where I am rich with solace

I have poured countless tears of melancholy upon those trees
And they have welcomed me
I have smiled with deep affection as I gazed upon their canopies
Those timeworn ghosts with their precious breath of life
Whispering me songs of ageless wisdom

There is where my soul ascends into unchartered territory
Where fairy tales spring to life and any sense of childhood that remains within my grasp is set free to fly
Where wild hearts run candidly and imagination is king

Nowhere on earth offers me such respite
For all who wander her sacred paths are equal
Where destiny prevails in an eternal cycle of life and death and all that lies in between

There is where I long to roam
Through precious realms of evergreen
Where souls remain immortal
And spirits soar the skies

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood. All rights reserved.

(The Green Man Awakens, Digital Art by Phil McDarby (


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