One Last Wish

One Last Wish


I used to stand over there
As tall as tall can be
Whilst the wind blew freely through my dancing leaves
And Mother Earth clutched lovingly onto me

Nothing ever bothered me,
But everything meant the world to me
The birds
A summer’s breeze
Those golden rays of sunshine planting kisses upon my crown
Oh, how life was worth living

I was awake…
An elixir of life

But then, I was forsaken
My heart ripped out
And thrown onto the ground
My precious life torn from within me
Thieving all traces of my future
Those savage-driven axes and their promise of condemnation

I hope it all was worth it
I hope my legacy brings someone somewhere solace
I hope I’ve left behind a trace of hope for all who remain in the forest
Those trees left standing there…
The elixir of life itself

Let them live on
Let them be free
Let them be

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.



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