Peace Lies Deep Within the Forest

Peace Lies Deep Within the Forest


Sometimes, when life suffocates me,
I can’t see the wood for the trees.
My head and my heart swell with sadness
and I long for the land of the free.

When everything stands on my shoulders
and leaves me with such little hope,
I look to the trees for condolence,
and the stillness they offer my soul.

I walk through the realm of the forest,
a mystical, magical place.
I study its perfect existence,
whilst feeling immersed in its grace.

I breathe in the essence of living.
A carpet of life on the ground.
I overhear birds singing love songs
and witness the beauty of sound.

I ponder my woeful existence,
where greed overlooks charity.
I look to the trees for direction,
they offer my mind clarity.

I am but a soul in life’s ocean,
where man sleeps beneath the rough tides,
not noticing beauty surrounds him,
declining to open his eyes.

Swim up to the top and inhale life,
Endeavour to open your eyes.
Life doesn’t have to be savage,
if we all pull together and try.

Harmony lives in a forest.
Peace trickles down from a stream.
Love is the hand that heals nature
and freedom is oh but a dream.

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Image: Traveller in Time | By Francesco Mangiaglia |


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