The Valiant Pagan

The Valiant Pagan


They swallowed my soul in a heartbeat
And drained me of life without thought
They crippled my spirit forever
And left me harassed and distraught

All that I am was forbidden
They banished the things I loved most
Dismissing my innocent feelings
My delicate essence was lost

Divergent opinions engulfed me
And seldom was I ever right
They pitied the path I had chosen
Whilst dimming my radiant light

Don’t listen to those who cause suffering
Opposing the path we embrace
Whilst slandering all that we trust in
Regarding our paths a disgrace

I beg you, don’t suffer such cruelty
Don’t bow before twisted, old minds
Belief is a boat on an ocean
Endeavour to master rough tides

Some days, you may come across evil
Your soul may be pushed to the edge
Don’t give in or let them destroy you
Remember the oath you once pledged

Rise up, wild heart and be valiant
Now, wash away tears you have cried
Go, flaunt your own graceful decorum
Let your beautiful soul soar the skies

Be strong, my child and forget them
May your innocent heart gleam and shine
Embrace the wise path you have chosen
Within nature, you’ll meet the divine

Faith is a song that a soul sings
Hope helps consolidate hearts
Nature is food for the senses
May your soul beam the beauty of stars

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photography by Darya Stetsyura and Foxes Photography: Lady Zabiyaka and PF Studio)


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