A Twilight Paradise

A Twilight Paradise


A penny for your thoughts, my dear
Please, do not be afraid
I am the twilight fairy
Let me chase your fears away

This world is far too wicked
For your warm and humble soul
Your light is slowly dimming
And your magic quickly slows

Look upon the stars, my dear
My, how they shine for you
Come, soar into the night, my child
And join the lonesome moon

We’ll hop upon a shooting star
And touch the universe
Away! With melancholy
May our minds be truly nursed

We’ll swoop upon the ocean
Painting kisses upon waves
Soaring through the universe
Our souls will be ablaze

The night shall be a place
To step outside our broken hearts
We’ll dip ourselves in beauty
And help misery depart

Come, sweet child, spread out your wings
And chase your fears away
In moonlight, we’ll seek paradise
To help us through the days

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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