Nature is My Church

Nature is My Church


~Nature is My Church~

My church hails me in shades of green
And the choir heralds songs of birds
The pews are of fallen oak trees
And the rustling leaves breathe words

A chorus of blackbirds welcomes me
With a melody full of grace
No need for doors or windows
In this fine and holy place

The hymns of nature indulge my ears
And the earth’s euphony consoles me
This place is a woodland oracle
My land, my peace, my remedy

Sometimes, life puzzles and vexes me
And I seldom sit and ponder
But on those days, I’ll seek reprieve
Through the forest, I shall wander

Neither vicar nor priest need shepherd me
As I master my own devout search
Be he rich man, poor man, beggar or king
All are humble in nature’s church

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photo Copyright: Dim-Baida (


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