Chapters of the Past

Chapters of the Past


A pocket full of memories
A wealth of fallen tears
A trilogy of broken hearts
To carry through your years

A symphony of moments
I hope you’ll not forget
A suitcase full of childish dreams
And scribbles of regret

The scars from chasing butterflies
And jumping out of trees
A photograph of happy times
And songs sung in the breeze

Those nights you whispered wishes
And breathed a heartfelt sigh
Whilst gazing upon fireflies
And wishing you could fly

Life offers us fond memories
The chapters of our past
To distribute to others
To help our stories last

Now, dance about the fires
Tell tales of yesteryear
And leave behind a legacy
To last a thousand years

A good life will live on and on
Throughout the past retold
So, go and chase those butterflies
And treasure life like gold

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photography |  Elen by Jany Likh | on 500px |


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