All Hail The Goblin King

All Hail The Goblin King


~All Hail The Goblin King~

The stars will shine for you, my dear
Oh, high up in the sky
As your voice drifts upon the breeze
I wish you my goodbye

You’ve graced this earth with melodies
And songs that soothe my soul
Without your presence close to me
How can the earth be whole?

So, dance magic, dance some more
Embrace your oddities
Although you lost a battle
You earned immortality

Farewell, White Duke, sweet dreams to you
All hail the goblin king!
Goodbye, my fairest Jareth
Your sweet songs I’ll ever sing

Tonight, I’ll look upon the stars
And shed a mournful tear
They shine a little brighter
Now they hold a legend near

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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