The Dark Side of Wonderland

The Dark Side of Wonderland


I am the dark side of wonderland
The shadows of your mind
A bittersweet obituary
Of love and hate combined

The sadness that you wallow in
The temperament of hell
A necessary misery
The solemn toll of bells

I am the deadly nightshade
That you hold within your grasp
The tablets on your windowsill
The horrors of your past

That quiet place you call upon
When life has failed to please
A bittersweet companion
Dragging you down to your knees

Come, visit me when life is tough
I’ll see bliss to the door
A boundless wreckage I’ll create
I’ll freeze you to the core

And when you feel immeasurable loss
And prayers are left unheard
I’ll sit with you and listen well
I’ll witness every word

For every soul is shadowed here
But every tear is caught
Within the darkness, lessons lie
The end of blame is taught

So, let your sad heart come undone
Let misery run free
And when you feel your pain run dry
Recovery you’ll see

For here, inside my wonderland
I offer you no shame
I am the cloak that wraps your soul
A chaperone of pain

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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