Attract Your Tribe

Attract Your Tribe


Attract your tribe,’ said the old oak tree
To the sapling stood below it
Don’t bend or break for anyone
If you’re proud, then you must show it

Let your branches bend and curve in the breeze
May they dance in the warmth of the sun
When the autumn wind tugs at your boughs
Stand fast and roar your song

When the rain falls harshly upon your crown
Have faith and listen well
The dawn shall appear for you, my dear
With tales of old to tell

As twilight paints the dark blue skies
Don’t fret or hide within
In darkness, beauty lingers, child
Look up to the stars and sing

As your time comes to a certain end
Abundant with great memories
Unto the earth, your soul she’ll take
Into eternal reverie

You see, one day, we all shall fall
Onto the soil below
So, treasure every ounce of life
Put on your finest show

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photography: Elven fairytale by ~LucianElluar


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