My Bonny Lass

My Bonny Lass


Arise and shine, my bonny lass
Wild winds beckon your soul
Go, chase those misty mountains
Where the songs of old are told

Seek solace in the wildwood
Where the trees surrender tales
And your forebears tell of secrets
In the land where souls prevail

Time rides on the feral wind
Make haste and seek your glee
Have the courage of fierce oceans
Set your heart and spirit free

Go, capture all your wildest dreams
Be brave and wild and wise
Seek the truth in rushing rivers
Like the eagle, soar the skies

Claim freedom, my bonny lass
And memorise fine tales
Never forswear what you live for
In rough winds, adjust your sails

So, master your own destiny
Arise, leap out of bed
In the soft breeze, there are whispers
Of the fate that lies ahead

As you wander through this treasured land
Reach out and touch the skies
Set about to live your best life
Let your heart and spirit fly

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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