Tonight, We Fly

Tonight, We Fly



Hand in hand and eye to eye
Earth to water, air to fire
Crystals shine upon thy shelf
Candles lit, prepare thyself

Hark, the howling of the moon
As it sings its lonesome tune
Tonight, the Wolf Moon rules the skies
Draw it down and close your eyes

Grace the air with chants of old
Candle flames of dazzling gold
Whisper wishes, one, two, three
Soon, you’ll reap prosperity

Under moonbeams, fill thy cup
Breathe her in and drink her up
Paint a wish upon a leaf
Burn it up and yield relief

Incense purifies the room
As you chant a soulful tune
Grant thy spirit to the sky
Arise, my witches, soon we fly!

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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