Sonnet of Imbolc

Sonnet of Imbolc

Come, little maiden
Reach for the stars
Parade your decorum
Unleash your wild heart

Arise from your slumber
With promise of spring
Come, cast away shadows
And bear your offspring

Adorn the lush meadows
With pledges of green
Come, scatter your beauty
And treasures unseen

Away with the old dust
And in with the new
Call up the wild snowdrops
It’s time to renew

Come, serenade rebirth
And beckon your seeds
Arise, dearest Brigid
To spring, we proceed

Within you, you carry
The earth’s royal cloak
Arise, my fair maiden
We beg you, evoke!

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Sonnet of Imbolc

  1. Wonderful!! Given the horrendous weather here on the IOM just now, I needed this promise of impending spring to lift my mood a little, and it works perfectly!! xx

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