~A Beautiful Wreckage~

~A Beautiful Wreckage~


She’s madness and magic
All rolled into one
A beautiful wreckage
A child of the sun

A wild fascination
Bewitching and bright
She flutters in daylight
And flies through the night

A head full of wisdom
A heart of desire
She dances with wolves
There’s no lie in her fire

A siren of passion
A beautiful mess
A pleasure to witness
Her spirit is blessed

So wicked, so fiendish
A storm in a cup
This woman is magic
Your heart she’ll warm up

So graceful, so precious
A rare flower child
As mighty as dragons
A witch of the wild

Don’t bend her, or break her
Or cage her wild soul
Respect her fine beauty
Or reap her steep toll

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photographer Credit: Dorota Górecka – Subiektywnie


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