Hearts of Fire

Hearts of Fire


Sing a song of profound green
Of time withdrawn unto the breeze
Of babbling brooks leading the way
To find my light and seize the day

Whisper words unto my ears
Of fluffy clouds and golden spheres
A lonesome eagle’s gallant cries
Of ancient stones and sacred sites

Reveal to me a story told
Of daffodils of purest gold
Of timeworn paths and spotless air
Our hearts fulfilled and feet so bare

Lead me through the meadows bright
With windswept hair and hands held tight
Through forests rich with wild foxglove
We’ll dip our souls in nature’s love

Oh, beckon me, dear summer breeze
To climb the tallest of the trees
And walk the earth with no regrets
With hearts of fire and deep respect

Then, lay me down upon the grass
Where finally, my soul shall pass
Unto the earth, my resting place
The keeper of my cherished days

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: Model & MUA: Kitty The Cat
Photo: Florian Maul Photography
Dress: ONEofONE by Maibritt Kokholm


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