The Path Less Worn

The Path Less Worn


~The Path Less Worn~

Through dangers untold
I have suffered
Through hardships unnumbered
I’ve tried
As the mightiest storms fought against me
In the depths of despair, I have cried

Through doubtful beliefs
I have questioned
Through perpetual fears
I braved on
And though all of my kin turned against me
I knew deep down inside I belonged

Throughout many hard years
I grew closer
Through the blindness and sleep
My soul stirred
For I knew there was more to my journey
Than a thousand old books full of words

Through my newly born eyes
I am seeing
Through my finely-tuned ears
A voice sings
As the earth stirs my soul and my being
Her old heart and my heart are akin

On the path less worn
I shall wander
Through the forest of green
I shall roam
Now my heart feels eternal salvation
As my journey delivers me home

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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