The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter


To the air, I pledge my final breath
To the earth, I pledge my body
To the water, I pledge my closing tears
To the fire, I pledge my story

Don’t let your sad heart weep for me
Upon my final breath
For life goes on in paradise
The passageway is death

My shell is gone, but I live on
Through fables and fine tales
So, sit about the fire pit
Bring me to life again

The moon will shine, the sun will rise
The birds will sing their songs
Go, search for me in whispering trees
Where resting souls live on

My sunlit smile and glistening eyes
My everlasting kindness
Will grace your days throughout the years
My love is truly boundless

So, breathe me back to life again
Through joy and endless laughter
Don’t wave goodbye forever
This is not the final chapter

The curtain call commands us all
But shall not tear asunder
Our souls shall soar the dazzling skies
Where once again we’ll wander

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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