Keeper Of The Ages

Keeper Of The Ages

by MariaBabintseva (

~Keeper Of The Ages~

‘Ordinary’ does not interest me
I live and breathe wildfire
Eternal slumber cautions me
To seek my heart’s desires

My will is strong
My courage deep
My mind contains wild tempests
A fiercely profound life I lead
Abundant with rich zealous

The universe imbues my soul with beauty and with pain
Its subtle rhythm speaks to me
Of cruelty and disdain

I seek no poison on my path
I long to uphold good
Living the innocence of youth
I reclaim my childhood

Each blade of grass, each silver web
Delivers me such pleasure
My rooted mind is finely tuned
To seek out hidden treasure

A star ablaze, a blooming bud
My wildness longs to run
I thrive beneath the sallow moon
And dance beneath the sun

A life of dullness petrifies my untamed hands and feet
I live to breathe the universe
And dance to thunderous beats

My grandmothers and grandfathers
Exist throughout my veins
Emitting through my ancient eyes
A wisdom to sustain

I am a soul of ancient times
A soul of many journeys
I live and breathe my untamed fire
I bleed a sublime story

An ordinary life would blight the flames upon my pages
I am a child of feral fire
A keeper of the ages

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photo By MariaBabintseva (


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