A Prelude to Spring

A Prelude to Spring


~A Prelude to Spring~

Hark, the dance of spring begins
Throughout the natural world
Behold her beauty everywhere
As fine treasures unfold

The sun and moon, the stars above
Put on a wondrous show
To serenade our mother land
With things that bloom and grow

The wild and fragrant dance of spring
Brings joy and hope to all
Abundant with magnificence
A bright and joyous ball

Arise, sweet buds and sleepy shoots
The sky beckons your presence
Stretch up your heads and breathe in waves
Of sugar-coated essence

Now, sound the drums of spring’s prelude
With spirit and with thunder
Expel the colds of wintertime
Arise! Parade your wonder

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Pic 1: Photographer: Lydia Hansen


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