Land of the Free

Land of the Free



I come from lands far, far away
Where peace is king and children play
Where man shows gratitude each day
Walking the path of the old ways

Our modern world burdens my soul
It suffocates and breeds turmoil
Society feels oh, so cold
My freedoms lost, my beauties sold

The sounds and chaos plague the air
Pure greed and violence everywhere
The want and want and lack of share
The callous souls without a care

I run and run unto the breeze
Where ancient voices beckon me
I run and run, I run some more
Seeking escape to distant shores
My heart feels wistful to the core
I long for home, I long to soar
I seek a land beyond man’s war
My soul cries out an ancient roar

When will this madness ever end?
This modern life I cannot bend
Where is my tribe? Show me a friend
I can’t survive, I won’t pretend

A concrete graveyard is no home
No land of green for man to roam
Why must each grain of soil be owned?
Why is man poisoned to the bone?

Survival lies upon the soil
In forests rich with life galore
Where ancient souls long to explore
Where beauty whispers, life is pure

In Mother Nature, solace lies
Where flowers grow, my soul shall rise
Unto the breeze, unto the skies
Where eagles soar, my freedom cries

Give back the land, give back the trees
Release the wild for all to see
Let life be life, let mankind be
Return to us the land of free

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

(Photo: ‘Soon we will be together’ by *Nishe


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