Whispers of Spring

Whispers of Spring


The breeze is full of whisperings
of hope and wondrous things.
New life is born and light returns,
delivering the spring.

A child within our timeworn minds
stirs from a restful slumber;
longing to run through fields of green,
to witness scenes of wonder.

A wildness cloaks our ageless souls
and youthfulness imbues us.
Our natural powers stir to life,
casting away the dust.

Reach out your hands, breathe in the breeze,
dance barefoot on the dew.
Indulge your eyes with nature’s love,
let magic enchant you.

Sweep off the webs of yesteryear,
revive the old and worn.
Ignite the vernal fires of joy;
the dawn of spring is born.

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image by Lady Mantheniel




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