Child of Moon and Sun

Child of Moon and Sun


~Child of Moon and Sun~

I was born to the beat of drums
As kinsmen watched the rising sun
By firelight and candle flame
My elders chose my worthy name

I walked amongst the faerie folk
Where nature spirits I invoked
I danced about the solstice fires
Whilst singing of my heart’s desires

I learned the wisdom of the wild
Where folk had lost their lives to trial
I wandered on the path less worn
My soul rose up, I was reborn

I witnessed whispers on the breeze
Where eagles cried, my soul ran free
By ancient lore, I learned to live
Condemning greed, prepared to give

My heart is allied to the earth
I’ll shield her with all that I’m worth
For I was born to the beat of drums
I am a child of moon and sun

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Lady on the tree: ShiSha Rainbow Artworks
Arrows: Unknown



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