Immortal Love

Immortal Love


I speak the language of the trees
And witness colours on the breeze
The universe whispers to me
“Our love shall be immortal”

On cloudless nights, the moon doth shine
I worship her as though she’s mine
Connecting to a vast divine
My bright celestial portal

In forests painted emerald green
I sit and seek my sanctuary
My oracle of grace and peace
In nature, I am humble

My hands protect the timeworn earth
Forever grateful for her birth
Yielding to her all that I’m worth
An everlasting cycle

No matter what the future holds
As bridges burn and evil scolds
As mankind hoards his filthy gold
I’ll speak for what I stand on

Protecting all that strives to live
From rose petals to autumn mists
Where nature lies, my heart shall give
A love that is immortal

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: *Counting Stars*
By |Sofia|athens|Sia


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