Nature’s Renaissance

Nature’s Renaissance

~Nature’s Renaissance~

Spring’s zephyr stirs the wildwood
As the earth embraces warmth
The morning dew drops kiss the soil
As a chorus greets the dawn

The treetops taste the sunrise
And the sea parades its light
As spring revives a sleepy land
With investment and delight

We rise with simple wishes
We rise through dust and dirt
We rise with brand new promises
To proceed with all we’ve learnt

The earth’s fine balance evens
And our souls are soon reborn
As our timeworn king, the sunrise
Manifests the break of dawn

We rise with great intentions
We rise through wintry thorns
We rise in love and fellowship
To pursue the path less worn

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photo: (via naturespiritheart)


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