Spirit Of Old

Spirit Of Old


~Spirit of Old~

Will you still love my old boughs and my branches
As time goes against me and life melts away
When all of my leaves sit upon the cold earth
When sympathy fails and my youth runs astray

Will you remember the days we once spent
When colours infused the blue skies and the fields
When laughter was all that we heard through the meadows
When beauty was king and your hands were my shield

Will you still know how my love for you grows
How it never once stopped and encircles your life
Will you still wander and offer your time
To remember the days when your thoughts lay in mine

Do you have guts to look past my born years
And see beauty again in my spirit of old
Will you sing lovingly songs of great moments
And fill up my soul with your stories once told

As time strikes my end, will you nurture my offspring
And never abandon my saplings of young
As I offer my breath into each of your lungs
Will you never forget everything I have done

Will you protect my immense tribe of beings
All that they offer and all that they do
Will you remember this last piece of wisdom
Within your own life, to your own roots be true

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image by Terri Windling: terriwindling.com/photos/tree_tales/tree_woman_child_150_pix.html


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