The Earth’s Cry

The Earth’s Cry


~Earth’s Cry~

The Earth, she weeps through rainfall
So pure, so raw, so true
Singing songs of deep despair
The harm she suffers too
The Earth, she strives so hard to live
In peace, without harassment
Resting, breathing, suffering
So often, she laments
The Earth, she listens carefully
To every single soul
Seeking all who care for her
The sympathy they show
The Earth, she craves our shelter
So often, she despairs
A debt must be repaid in full
For fruits, she often bears
The Earth, she cries through raging storms
And seas that cause destruction
Listen, she is calling you
Stand fast! She seeks your action
The Earth, she is illustrious
A blessed home to all
If only mankind sensed her pain
They too would hear her call

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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