Thoughts Before Slumber

Thoughts Before Slumber


My mind can often wander through a multitude of thoughts,
observations and rich memories without map or destination.

A melody can lead me on a path through verdant valleys,
that whisper in the wind to shadowed stones of sacred groves.

A visit from a garden bird perched proudly on a feeder,
conjures memories of a loved one who unwillingly passed on.

The vastness of the night sky scattered far and wide with spotlights,
can build a hope so mighty it exudes a profound song.

The ever-changing skyline shifts from blue to black to pinky hues;
displays of blessed Nature so enchanting and divine.

In moments of raw sorrow when my soul is fit to end;
the beauty of the break of dawn bestows a loyal friend.
As times of doubt bewitch us all,
our sylvan hearts ignite a call that leads us all to beauty
to lasso for one more day.

In every passing moment, flitting, fleeting, passing by,
I’m enriched with deepest gratitude that my humble heart beats fine.

A final thought to clutch onto before we say goodnight…
I am happy, for I’ll rise again tomorrow.

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All Rights Reserved

Image & Photographer: Whisper’s Touch by Michelle De Rose Source:


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